About a year ago we bought a very shabby T5 classic to put the Retrovesp bodykit on, this scooter was always intended to look as old as possible hence the olde English white paint scheme, we also wanted to keep it as uncluttered as possible with chrome instead of rubbers and with the twin saddles it would look really old, we added an older style fuel tank also, and welded up the indicator holes and smoothed the back panel, I rebuilt the engine with all new seals and gaskets and a new standard barrel and piston, A chrome Simonini exhaust was used because it was cheaper than the std one, chrome shocks and springs were fitted to freshen the appearance.

The scooter rides beautifully now and we are all very pleased with the result. The scooters first public appearance was at the South West Scooter Clubs, Warmwell Rally in Decmber of 2005, this is where the pictures were taken





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