Fitting instructions for side panels
Remove, lights and interior sound deadening
but leave wiring and clips intact
Mark a line approx 1 1/2" - 2" from
edge of side panel, with tape or
marker pen
Cut on line with jig saw or air saw with
metal cutting blade,(remember to wear
a pair of safety goggles!)
Seperate the two halves, you no longer require
the outer skin, all you need is the 2" band with
the fittings still intact
Do a trial run to famiarise yourself with
how it fits together
Apply a good thick bead of mastic
adhesive such as Tigerseal or Sikaflex
When the adhesive has been applied clamp
the original metal band to the fibreglass
and allow to cure overnight
It is adviseable to squirt some extra
adhesive on the jointing edge to ensure
a good strong bond
Your side panel is now ready for refinishing
and painting

To fit the cover to the front of the scooter we normaly bond 2 or 4 small blocks of wood to the rear of the moulding to line up with the holes already in the legshields, then screw through from the rear. You can also put a countersunk screw behind where the Piaggio badge fits at the top. Then stick the badge over.
The front mudguard simply bolts on inthe normal way, you will see the indentations for the bolt holes and the brake pipe/cable, obviously the front forks have to be removed, it is important that you take a little time ensuring the wheel is centralised before bolting back onto the the scooter.

If you have a queries or problems with fitting, we are at the end of the phone to help and advise 07956 451 470

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