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The HRDC Academy, so what is this all about?

Historic car racing is one of the few flourishing categories of motorsport in the UK today. However such popularity usually breeds a level of competitiveness, which in itself brings added expense that invariably partners the desire to improve and push the boundaries of any competitor's chosen vehicle, often far beyond the financial reach of those wishing to enter the sport.

A tried and trusted formula in motor sport that 'levels the playing field' both competitively and financially - is a one-make race Series, where all cars are expected to be equal and thus results rely solely on the ability of the driver to shines through, not the car! Whilst this approach has been a most successful mainstay of contemporary motorsport, it has not been taken on by the historic racing community until now. If such a concept was to be launched, the over-riding question would then be what car would be chosen that could provide all the qualities of historic racing, prove sustainable through easy access and parts supply, yet prove aspirational to would-be historic racers? The answer is obvious the ubiquitous and yet charismatic Austin A35!

So why the A35?
Over and above its quintessential cheeky character, the Austin A35 is readily available to buy in the classic car marketplace at sensible prices. 3k to 4k will buy a sound, well-presented road car if you buy wisely. The best advice is to buy as good as you can because restoring a 'barn-find' car will not only cost more than you expect, it will also take far longer than you would envisage, damping one's enthusiasm for the project long before you can possibly hit

Mechanically the A35 is tried and tested, simple yet effective. Properly thought through, a race version can not only be reliable, it will provide all the elements of 'proper' historic racing: Iconic looks, sideways handling and 'seat of your pants' thrills! Most importantly, the HRDC Academy specification has been specifically designed, not only to be reliable and competitive, but fundamentally to be safe. This carefully thought through package therefore offers a rewarding, truly historic driving experience; but not at any cost.

So you have bought your A35, what happens now?
Yourfirst point of contact will be the HRDC, where you can register with the Academy. Once signed up to the Academy and duly equipped with the specific Regulations Book to the HRDC Academy Series, your second port of call will be to the main suppliers - as listed and approved by the HRDC, where you will be able to tailor the purchase of the race kit to your budget / build-schedule requirements.

The key elements of the package are:
Race Engine:
This is a pre-tested and sealed unit, available only to buy outright from Classic and Modern Engine Services, in Bracknell.

Roll Cage:
This is a specially designed 6 point bolt-in type with weld-in strengthening plates, available solely through Caged Laser in Somerset.

Chassis kit:
This kit incorporates the suspension, brakes, auxiliary engine parts, interior and body accessories, all of which are available exclusively through Moto-Build Racing in Sutton.

The concept is simple:

  • You buy the parts from the HRDC suppliers as and when it is convenient to you.
  • Then assemble the car.
  • There are a certain amount of parts that are mandatory to buy via the HRDC suppliers, but there are many other parts that are required to complete the car that you can source yourself or via the official HRDC supplier, if required. (If you do source certain items yourself, you must ensure they are suitable for inclusion in your build.

  • So you have built the car, what happens now?
    In order to race the car, it must first pass an eligibility inspection by the HRDC.

    Once passed, the HRDC will issue the car with its own, unique chassis plate, serial number and racing 'log book'. This process ensures that all cars competing are known to have been built to the correct standard.

    If during the build, you are in any doubt about how to do something or wish to determine whether a specific part is compatible / acceptable, there will always be someone available at the end of the phone or approachable via email to assist and advise you.

    Once your newly-built HRDC Academy racer has its passport and chassis plate that's it - you'll be off to the first available race with the HRDC! You'll be joining one of the most sociable and fun-loving group of racers, who will give you a warm welcome to the world of historic motorsport.

    Hopefully this brief resume will give you an insight into what we are all aiming for with the HRDC Academy. My name is Darryl Davis, I own Moto-Build Racing and have been drawing on my past 25-years of motorsport experience in helping to develop this dynamic and accessible approach to true historic racing. I see a terrific future for this Series as it embodies all the attributes that make historic motorsport so appealing.
    I can be contacted by phone on 07956451470 or by email:

    Please feel free to contact me for a chat to find out more, and answer any queries you may have regarding the cars, the conversion and the HRDC Academy Series.

    DarrylDavis M.I.M.I.

    The Full Parts Inventory
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    The Parts/Kits List:
    All prices are exclusive of VAT

    Academy control engine: £POA Please contact CMES for current price. All Academy engines for 2017 will come fully dressed with Carb, inlet manifold, exhaust manifold and distributor, they are also fully dyno run and supplied with power graph and installation and running instructions.
    Available only from:
    Classic and Modern Engine Services, 18-20 Great Hollands Square, Bracknell, RG12 8UX.
    Phone 01344488853, email:

    Academy 6 point roll cage and fittings
    Available only from:
    Caged Laser Engineering, Ash Farm Business Park, Holcome, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 5EX
    Phone 01373452866 email:

      Kit B  - Transmission - £1890 ex vat
    • Fully rebuilt genuine 1275 A series gearbox with all new uprated bearings, new synchro rings, laygear, seals etc. this is an outright buy, no exchange is necessary, these gearboxes are security sealed and may not be altered in any way from that supplied. Includes competition gear lever, clutch slave cylinder and pipework and clutch release fork.

    • Also now with competition roller clutch release bearing
    • Rebuilt exchange propeller shaft, fully rebuilt with new joints and dynamically balanced
    • Pair of competition half shafts

      Kit C  - Front Suspension - £1340 ex vat
    • Front uprated shock absorbers (brand new units) x 2
    • Front race springs x 2
    • Anti roll bar assembly with mounting kit
    • Wishbone pans strengthened x 2
    • Wishbone bush set uprated
    • Top trunnions negative camber x 2

      Kit D  - Rear suspension / Back axle - £880 ex vat
    • 2 x rear shock absorbers with link arms (brand new units)
    • 2 x new rear springs with nylatron bushes
    • Rear axle location system
    • Rear axle hardware (U bolts, bushes, saddle plates etc.)

      Kit E  - Brake parts and installation kit - £1220 ex vat
    • 2 x Front brake discs
    • 2 x Front brake calipers
    • Competition front brake linings
    • Brake and clutch hydraulic pedal box
    • 2 x Master cylinders (brake and clutch)
    • Stainless braided brake hose set
    • Copper brake pipe set
    • Rear axle backplates
    • Rear wheel cylinders
    • Rear brake drums
    • Brake shoe fitting kit
    • Rear brake shoes
    • Clutch and brake master cylinders

      Kit F wheels, set of 4 with nuts £240 ex vat
      (can also be bought individually from our website in A35 listings)

      Minilite style 5" x 13" silver lightweight competition wheels each HRDC stamped and numbered

      Kit G Fuel system and supply £420 ex vat

      6 Gallon competition race tank,
      plus electronic fuel pump and safety upside down air valve

    The above is a list of the parts that are compulsory for an Academy car to achieve it's log book, we also have many parts in the Austin A35 listing on our website to help you complete your project, such as lightweight bumpers, exchange large vent front grille, auxiliary dashboard and instruments, seat mounting brackets, louvred bonnet, race battery, battery cut out switch, wheels et

    1st HRDC Academy Car Takes To The Track!
    Goodwood 14th December 2013

    HRDC Academy Car at Goodwood 1

    HRDC Academy Car at Goodwood 2

    HRDC Academy Car at Goodwood 3

    More pictures and full price list to follow

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