We are now full steam ahead on this beautiful primrose and white Academy car, we were extremely lucky to find a virtually rust free undamaged shell, after hours of painstaking scraping with a hot air gun and paint stripper, we returned the shell to bare metal before welding in the rollcage mounting blocks, stretching the rear arches to accommodate slightly wider wheels and then painting the whole car in ICI two pack pale primrose, the result is stunning, we are certain this will be the best looking A35 race car bar none, it will be racing later this year

Out of the spray booth with white roof, at this stage the shell has just been flatted with 1500 paper and mopped with G3 but not yet hand polished

Wiring loom fed through all relevant apertures and waiting to be connected to ancillaries, this loom is to Academy spec, with wiring for alternator, electric fan, rev counter, rear fog light and rear electric fuel pump, available to buy on the website

Full set of fibreglass panels just arrived after we have made all new moulds to produce them ourselves, note the louvered bonnet

Offering up the new fibreglass wings and bonnet we were delighted to see the quality of the fit

New laminated screen and rubber fitted, dash and special Academy wiring loom in place, progress needs to be fast on this project so keep watching....

Air vent installed and being held in place until adhesive sets

The twin cylinder brake and clutch pedal box prior to fitting

Axle installed and fitted with Midget brake back plates

Academy springs, wishbones and top trunnions, new kingpins, wheel bearings, discs and calipers

The A35 doors just after spraying

The A35 rear seats before installation

Roll cage re installed, powder coated in old English white, note also metro handrbrake installed

Suspension installed and ready to drop onto the ground

Close up of anti roll bar conversion kit

Academy engine just installed

Rear panhard rod kit connected up

Fuel tank and competition fuel pump installed

Really coming along now, wings, lights and grille fitted up

Down on the floor for the first time

Running the engine in and setting the fuelling and ignition timing on the rolling road

Most exterior fittings now completed, the next Academy car in the background awaiting it's turn

Interior with Kirkey race seat, TRS yellow belts

Moto Lita steering wheel, and Stack rev counter in auxiliary dashboard

More photos coming soon after the test at Goodwood

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