Below is our 2011 race car as we bought it in late February 2011, it was extensively raced in the 90's but had been laid up for about 15 years before we stripped it back to nothing, rebuilt and replaced many parts before giving it the Ashley GT conversion and returning to the circuit at the big MG Live event in June 2011, winning best prepared car in the process! We have split the photos into groups of 'before' and 'after'





Below is a FIA registered 1098 historic race Midget as it came into us in July 2011,although it looks OK in the pictures it was the wrong colour red, it needed welding in the boot floor and other areas and required a great deal of detail work including painting the underside of the car and all suspension components plus much refinishing, including retrimming in leather and an engine rebuild, all this work was carried out within 3 weeks!



This is the finished car 3 weeks later, fully resprayed in Tartan red, with the Ashley round tail hardtop, Ashley competition seats, please note the lack of any holes now on the rear panel, these have all been welded and filled, the front panel features an aluminium framed inlet for the oil cooler, there are lighting units for the white roundals, single leather strap on bootlid etc.



In our opinion it is the detailing that makes these little spridgets so special, have a look at these pictures and see if you agree.