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Fastback Sebring Sprite being built this Autumn 2014

You may have seen our fabulous Sebring Sprite Coupe (above) at the entrance to the Goodwood 72nd members meeting, or followed the progress of it's build on the Ashley website, or racing competitively with the HRDC Allstars this season, well this autumn we aim to commence the build of a Sebring Sprite fastback, using a genuine Archers Garage body, built onto a genuine 1962 totally rustfree quarter eliptic shell, so the right car for the job! It will be built to our normal impeccable high standards and it could be yours, why not contact us to get on board with this project. Then you can dictate the colour and the required spec of this car, these cars when built properly are a great investment and will never lose you money, they are also great fun!

Phone Darryl on 07956451470 or email at motobuildracing75@yahoo.co.uk if you are ready for the thrill of the build!

The 1964 Mk2 Midget Rebuild Project

Collected late April 2013 is this 1964 Mk2 Midget for a major recontruction and rebuild

The little Midget looked very straight and tidy at first glance (above)


20 plus years sat in a garage with a damp floor had taken it's toll, look closely at the driver's side floor, yes that 3" gap between floor and sill is showing the ground! the boot floor is similarly non existent, this car will be our biggest rebuild to date and needs at a minimum, a complete floor pan, boot floor and chassis legs, inner wheel arches front and rear, rear heel board and spring mounts plus plenty more, on the bright side the Ashley front was not affected by the damp!


As if the rust was not bad enough, the engine is also seized and will require rebuilding, along with all ancillaries, such as carbs, dynamo, starter, wiring etc. and to add insult to injury the car had been a home to generations of squirrels over the years as the sacks of leaves and acorns that were removed from it paid testament to.


With the Ashley front removed that famous accessability to engine compartment was proven, first job was to slice off the rotten front inner wings


Car in process of being stripped back to a bare shell, here front suspension components are being removed. The rotten floor pan was removed to provide access to the gearbox mounting bolts without laying under car


(pictured left) Car stripped to bare shell, virtually the complete underside will be replaced with new steel, including a complete heritage rear section (pictured right) Door gaps braced and floors removed, this shot starts to show the extent of the panelwork required to get this car back together


After removing most of the front end rusty panels, the reconstruction commenced on the drivers side, with new chassis outrigger, inner wing and chassis section, toe board and angled support, inner and outer sills plus a full one piece floor section, the same needs to be done on the passsenger side before moving on to the rear of the car

The nearside now under reconstruction with new front inner wings being fitted

The underbonnet area and front chassis has now been sandblasted which will save hours of sanding and rubbing down to get back to bare metal

Rear heelboard panel welded in place, note the inner bracing, then with the underfloor outer skin welded in place, in effect sandwiching the bracing and creating a strong bulkhead

Complete boot floor and arches removed and un-spotwelded ready for the new major floor pan, arches and chassis legs

This is the rear boot floor/wheel arch/chassis section before installation

Boot floor in place and tack welded at main mounting areas

New rear panel in early stages of being fitted

Battery tray/ heater box support, is an important strengthening area and needed replacing with this new box section panel

Progress continues!

Bodyshell now fully panelled and welded prior to seam sealing, lead loading, filling and preparing for primer

After a winter break we are back on the blue mk2 Midget, we first made sure the bonnet still fitted, and first application of lead and filler, we had 2 very good doors so getting them to fit properly is the priority here

Stonechip being applied to underside prior to primer and paint

Bodyshell with 3 layers of 2 pack primer applied

Bodyshell with 4 coats of ICI Riviera blue

As you can see in these last two pictures (above and below) the bodyshell has been painted inside, outside and every little nook and cranny

Out of the paint booth and after polishing the screen and doors were fitted up

New rear springs and fuel tank, rebuilt brakes and back axle all in place

Rebuilt 1098 engine and gearbox installed, along with radiator and pedal box

The original 1960's Ashley front after much repairing and preparation and painting

Up on its wheels roughly a year after the car first came in

Refitting all the original quarter bumpers on the rear

The finished standard spec engine compartment

Full interior remade entirely by us, including making patterns for the original Mk2 seats, dashboard re crackle finished too

The finished car (pictured above and below) with it's original wheel trims and a new navy hood fitted, this car really was a labour of love and I would never ever take on a project as rusty and as far gone as this one, but it does show what can be done with even the worst condition Sprite or Midget, completion date for this car was June 2014

(This car is now completed)

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