We can offer various body conversions under the Sebring banner, by mixing and matching roofs and fronts. All the cars featured here are built on original quarter eliptic chassis bodyshells the only thing in common with the 3 featured here is the colour, -all in Speedwell blue! The first car featured here is 5506 AR this is built on a steel rear frogeye with a Sebring Coupe roof and Sebring front, we built this one in 2012. The next one is what we refer to as the Goodwood 75 car as it was the car we built and raced at the 75th members meeting in March 2017 this car features a Sebring fastback style roof and a Speedwell Monza type front, as you can imagine you could always fit a Sebring front to this, we chose the Speedwell for Goodwood though. This car was very light. The final one here is the one we have built for the 2018 season and features a fibreglass rear end with a fibreglass Sebring Coupe roof and matching bonnet, this was again based on a 1960 frogeye that had lived in America and features nearly all the original steelwork, we have never seen a car this original before.

All these cars are built for racing although the body parts are equally suitable for race or road use.

Available Parts For Sale

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Sebring Style One Piece Front End
£650.00 Supplied as shown in the picture without fixtures and fittings production time usually 3- 4 weeks. Please contact us regarding collection/delivery.
Collection/Delivery by arrangement.


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Sebring Coupe Roof Section
Sebring Coupe roof section £795.00, this is designed to be bonded and bolted to either an original steel Mk1 sprite rear end or as in this picture a fibregass Mk1 sprite rear end. Please contact us regarding collection/delivery
Collection/Delivery by arrangement.


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Frog Eye Rear End
Mk1 sprite frogeye fibreglass rear end £450.00 direct replacement for steel rear end on Mk1 or 2 sprite or Mk1 Midget. Please contact us regarding collection/delivery.
Collection/Delivery by arrangement.


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Frog Eye Doors
Fibreglass Sprite Mk1 or 2 or Midget Mk1 doors £260.00 the pair. We love using these on our conversions because you can get your door gaps perfect everytime, you simply sand the edge of the door to get it spot on!, much lighter than steel, no rust and you will not know the difference when painted.
Postage and Packing: £15.00 UK mainland only.

Total Price

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Sebring Fastback
Sebring fastback complete rear end and roof £ coming soon, this all encompassing section includes the same front screen as the coupe but with a built in rear section of car that replaces the original Mk1 sprite rear, this part is designed to be used on a quarter eliptic car with the Mk1 style doors. Please contact us regarding collection/delivery.


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Door Opening Latches
Speedwell /Sebring door opening latches £399.00 pair. These are our fabulous reproduction Speedwell door openers, re engineered to be better than original and are absolutely superb!
Postage and Packing: £8.00 UK mainland only.

Total Price

Our telephone number is: 07956 451 470
Our email is: motobuildracing75@yahoo.co.uk

Some Of Our Previous Projects

A rather sad, but sound 1959 frogeye as we bought it off ebay in early 2011.
We have had this car sitting on the side lines awaiting it's turn in the workshop, which has now arrived.
As you can see now after many hours of welding and preparation the car is now in colour and awaiting it's refit


Now Nearing Completion

We have now decided on the final specification of our Sebring Sprite, the car will be built to a fast road spec with a 1380 engine running a sidedraught weber, modified head and a Piper 285 camshaft, the suspension will feature uprated lever arm shocks, 600lb front springs 3/4 anti roll bar, and at the rear lowered and softened springs plus a panhard rod for axle location, the car will be running on 14" wire wheels, we have really gone to town on the interior with blue leather Ashley seats, light blue carpets, blue panels, blue roll cage, Nardi steering wheel plus some very special Ashley finishing touches throughout, watch this page for the final build up

Front laminated windscreen fitted and rear Perspex one in place

Interior coming together, with leather quilted tunnel cover and bespoke leather arm rest stitched to light blue carpet, dashboard trimmed in blue and special padded scuttle top cover below windscreen

(front view) On it's wheels and ready to go for the fitting of a tailor made roll cage

(rear view) On it's wheels and ready to go for the fitting of a tailor made roll cage

Setting the centreline on rear axle, we have just fitted new Peter May competition rear springs. With quarter eliptic cars there can be quite a lot of movement in the rear springs, so setting the axle dead centre is critical before fitting a rear panhard rod to aid axle location.

A tailor made cage is required for a Sebring roofed car as the pillars are in a different place to a Midget/Sprite this is the cage being made and installed at CCK

Lowered with race front and rear springs and black wire wheels

The power comes from a Peter May road/race spec 1380 engine and Moto-Build Racing close ratio gearbox

Rear axle location via Panhard rod and rose jointed anti tramp bars

Rolling road setting of the fuelling and ignition, plus 45 minutes of driving simulation to check for leaks, overheating, oil pressure, odd vibrations, but all was OK

Custom made alloy inner wings

Completed and at it's first official race meeting where it finished 3rd in class!

The Goodwood 75 Car

This is the fastback after panels had all been fitted and shell was in primer

The bodyshell having just been painted inside and out

Interior coming together with race seat and doors trimmed in blue

Early stages of fitting up with alloy radiator in place,
and brakes have been converted to use the later type master cylinder

On it's wheels now and out in the open

Roll cage installed and wiring still proceeding

Full race 1293 Neil Slark race engine with steel internals producing 125bhp

Rear 3/4 view showing large Aston fuel cap, wheels are race spec 5x13

In action at the 75th Members meeeting

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