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We are now full steam ahead on this beautiful primrose and white Academy car, we were extremely lucky to find a virtually rust free undamaged shell, after hours of painstaking scraping with a hot air gun and paint stripper, we returned the shell to bare metal before welding in the rollcage mounting blocks, stretching the rear arches to accommodate slightly wider wheels and then painting the whole car in ICI two pack pale primrose, the result is stunning, we are certain this will be the best looking A35 race car bar none, it will be racing later this year

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For 2014 we have brought this 1958 Standard Pennant out of our storage facility and are busy preparing it for the 2014 HRDC season and hopefully the Goodwood Revival, follow our progress of its preperation by clicking each of the buttons below


Below are previous projects

This is our Christmas 2012 project
An Austin A40 Historic Race Car, scheduled for completion in Feb 2013

This innocent looking 54000 mile Austin A40 was bought in October 2012 and driven from Reading to our workshops without incident, with long MOT and tax, it didn't take long to start stripping it

All windows removed and engine and box about to come out


The interior stripped in preparation for roll cage to be made and fitted, the floor was extensively sanded and cleaned before a thin coat of red lead was applied

Collected from Rollcentre full 6 point cage installed


Hours and hours go into the preparation of something you are unlikley to see! the underside of the car, but you need to remove 50 years of muck to get the weight down and to see how good the structure of the car is, we were more than delighted to see how good this car is and are confident the 54000 miles on the clock is genuine, hence the great condition of the floors.


(left pic) Into the body prep area now and a fine skim of filler on the sills and door enable us to get a perfectly smooth side profile on the car, it wasn't bad before but we wanted it 'right'
(right pic) The underbonnet area all primed in 2 pack awaiting it's colour coat, the underside of the car is already now in primer.


A40 primed and with guide coat applied, and after several hours flatting down and ready for topcoat


The underside of the car, interior, arches and underbonnet painted


A40 fully painted inside and out in pale primrose with old English white roof


The inside of the car needs to look as smart as the outside and all seats and original panels have been rebuilt to as new standard, note the dashboard, have you seen such a funky A40?

 Side windows replaced by perspex and note the huge Aston fuel filler!

Attention to detail is important and all brakes, bearings, and suspension parts have been replaced or uprated

After sandblasting the bonnet it was lead loaded where there was some minor rust and then it has had louvres pressed into each side to aid cooling and also to give that 50's race car look.

Dashboard information centre, water temp, oil pressure and oil temp, the rev counter is in front of steering wheel, there is toggle switch ignition and push button start. These latest pics added 8th Feb 2013

Engine bay with 'slave' std 1098 engine fitted to enable us to connect all the wiring, water hoses and pipework, we will drive the car with this engine in to check suspension, brakes etc. before race spec engine is fitted.

New discs and calipers, strengthened wishbones, offset trunnions, race springs. These latest pics added 10th Feb 2013


13th Feb 2013 car fully panelled, wiring fully reinstated and working, still awaiting laminated windscreen


Cooling system installed, large alloy rad 10" slimline fan and silicone water hoses

Padded vinyl tunnel cover similar to that used in historic racing sports cars of the 50's and 60's'


21st Feb 2013 car on the floor, all brakes fitted and bled, ride height and tracking set, still awaiting a few parts to allow completion.

Ready and waiting for the driver....


March 20th - (left) Rae Davis Racing rear 'A' Frame fitted and adjusted up. (right) Twin fuel pumps, one feeding the alloy swirl pot tank and the larger pump picking up from the swirl pot and feeding the carburettors.

April 24th - Do you like the neat little number plate?

May 2013 - On the rolling road at Novatech for fine tuning and optimum setting of fuelling and ignition timing

A series 1293cc race engine built by Moto-Build Racing

Oulton Park 11 May 2013 HRDC Touring Greats 45 minute race, maiden outing for the Ashley Works Austin A40, the car ran faultlessly all day and came home 3rd in the highly competitive Speedwell class and 10th overall out of 30 plus cars'

Awarded the best presented car at the prestigous HRDC Oulton Park meeting was a fantastic accolade and a tribute to all the hours put in at the Ashley workshop over the last 5 months since the build commenced

Join Tom Grindall onboard for the Goodwood 73rd members meeting in the Moto-Build Racing A40