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We are often asked for the seals and rubbers etc. to rebuild an original Ashley hardtop
So listed just below are all the parts we can supply, if you wish to order any or all of them please phone or email
(details can be found at the at foot of this page)

Windscreen to roof front seal £12.00
Side of roof to body seals £16.00 pair
Rear main window rubber and chrome insert £36.00
Polycarbonate rear main window £180.00
Polycarbonate side quarter light windows £28.00 each
Opening rear quarter light seals £30.00 pair
Seals for roof to wind up door windows £30.00 pair
Alloy side guttering £26.00 pair
Chrome boot hinges £32.00 pair
Ashley Rear Roll Cage
Ashley rear roll cage designed specifically to fit inside the hardtop on either early or late style roof. Comes powder coated in either black, grey or old english white, designed with harness bar so easy to attach your belts, the cage is a straightforward drill and bolt in fitment.
£399.00 + UK Delivery by pallet to your door £75.00
Historic race door mirror in alloy with stainless steel plinth. We use these on all our race cars because they really have that 60's period look plus they are really clear to see in, and simply screw or rivet to your door.
£39.50 + UK Postage £4.50
Uprated Polyurethane high performance engine mounts(2) For MG Midget and Sprite. These mounts are perfect for competition or road use as they will not split and de laminate like the standard ones do and they also give a much more positive location for the engine allowing torque transfer to the wheels rather than the engine trying to twist off it's mounts
£69.00 + UK Postage £4.00
The original Ashley Mk1 Sprite one piece front, also will fit all other Sprites and Midgets, inc rubber bumper models. (original advert above)
£590.00 + UK Postage £50.00
Frogeye Sprite Mk1 fastback roof with all the fittings. This includes the fibreglass roof, windows, and seals, roof gutters and all fitting brackets
Download Fitting Instructions Here
Silverstone front bonnet, less fittings £825.00
This is the complete fibreglass front end, without front hinges and side clips
Silverstone tilt hinges £84.00 pair
Postage £8.00
These are laser cut and designed specifically for this bonnet.
AshleyGT main roof section £640.00
This is suitable for all wind up window Migets or Sprites, this is the roof only without fittings, windows or boot lid
Download Fitting Instructions Here
Designed to fit both 'Goodwood and Silverstone kits, fully trimmed Perspex rear and side windows with mounting kit £299.00 inc postage (1 Car Set)
Ashley GT Kamm style boot lid £89.00
Postage £10.00
This is the bare boot without hinges or fittings
Ashley GT round tail boot lid £89.00
Postage £10.00
This is the bare boot with no hinges or fittings
Ashley period race door mirror (please state LH or RH) Beautiful fully chromed dome fronted mirror as used by us on all our race and road cars, fitment is very easy by attaching plinth to door then mirror to plinth mirror£49.00   Postage £6.00
LH or RH Mirror?
As above, ordered as a pair of mirrors, delivered for the same postage
Pair of mirrors£98.00   Postage £6.00
Ashley 'Gran Tourismo' Leather Seats
Hand built leather faced bucket seats to the unique Ashley design, extremely strong and supportive, these seats take the standard runners or can be bolted direct to the floor. Available in Black or Red with a choice of piping colour
Built to order please allow 21 days for delivery.

Leather pair £1000.00
Postage £20.00
We will email you to confirm your choice of seat colour and piping
Healey Style Seats available in red or black leather or vinyl, with white, red or black piping (other colours available please ask) these are a direct bolt fit to the floor, all seats built to order please allow 21 days for delivery.
Pair of Leather Seats: £1060.00
Pair of Vinyl Seats: £960.00    
Postage £20.00
We will email you to confirm your choice of seat colour and piping
Pair of Leather Seats (Healey Style Seats)
                   Pair of Vinyl Seats (Healey Style Seats)
Turner Design Ashley Seats
As used in the early 60's Turner sports car, trimmed in leather, stitched and pleated on base and backrest.
Built to order please allow 21 days for delivery.

Leather pair road spec £1050.00
Postage £24.00
Competition Rear Brake Drums
These are cast and machined in the UK, do not confuse these with the cheap oval ones you will find elsewhere, these drums are the finest quality and guaranteed to be precisely circular, lightened for competition and also will allow extra cooling, suitable for all Midget/Sprite and Austin A35 or A40 rear.

Postage £10.00
Tunnel Covers
Sprite or Midget quilted tunnel cover. Available in standard colours of red, black or royal blue, these come with durable dot fasteners fitted, and male fasteners for you to pop rivet or screw to tunnel. please state colour when ordering, (other colours available on request just ask for a quote)
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UK Postage £10.00
Red, Black or Royal Blue ?