Welcome to the Interior Trim section of the Ashley web site, all the products shown here were made by Darryl Davis personally at the Ashley workshops where we specialise in one off designs and lightweight interior trim for historic race cars, we can make anything from seats, to panels, to carpets, headlinings, hoods etc. please phone Darryl to discuss your specific needs.

Click on the descriptions below to reveal the photo:   
1)Sebring/Ashley seats in leather with seat belt apertures for competition use   
2) Door panels re made in 3mm weatherproof ply to original design   
3) Hawthorn / Ashley design leather seat in Mk1 Jaguar   
4) Mk1 Jaguar lightweight rear seat cushions in leather.   
5) Plain ply door panel   
6) Ashley seat in perforated blue leather with seat belt slots.   
7) Different design on door panel for Midget   
8) Original Mk1 Midget seats and trim in black vinyl   
9) Ashley seats in sage green with black piping   
10) Matching trim panels and note the padded tunnel cover   
11) Austin A35 with modified Ashley seats, note special auxilliary dash   
12) Austin A35 door panel with map pocket   
13) Austin A35 rear seats   
14) Austin A35 padded quilted tunnel and bespoke radio housing   
15) MG Magnette race car lightweight rear seat replacements   
16) MG Magnette Ashley passenger seat with belt slots   
17) Mk2 Zodiac race car, specially converted passenger seat   
18) Mk2 Zodiac race car rear seats   
19) Mk2 Zodiac race car seats, close up   
20) Lightweight rear seats for 1960 Fiat 1600   
21) Padded tunnel for Fiat 1600   
22) Rebuilt door panels for Fiat 1600   
23) Pair of Ashley framed seats retrimmed to match those originally fitted to the late 50's early 60's Turner sports cars   
24) Restored & Renovated MGA seats